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Looking to install or replace your gutters? Viking Gutters & Roofing is the call to make. We’ve been helping Melbourne homeowners take care of their homes with durable and long-lasting guttering since we started out back in 2015.. 

Guttering installations and replacements don’t have to cost the world - even if you live in Greensborough and have the local arborist on speed-dial. Take a look below here for the guttering services that we provide.


Re-guttering your house

If it’s come time to re-gutter your home, you’ll know how important it is to choose guttering solutions that will last. At Viking Gutters & Roofing, we use Colorbond gutters to give ourselves and our customers the assurance of quality.


Durable and long-lasting, Colorbond guttering and roofing materials are a great choice for Melbourne homes, and the expert team of Colorbond guttering installers at Viking are just the crew to help you get your re-guttering done.

With Viking Gutters & Roofing, you’ll get the chance to choose from a wide range of Colorbond colours, styles and sizes. We’ll make finding the guttering to suit your existing home easy. Our team of guttering and roofing specialists will help you get the result you’re after.


Give your house a face-lift

Installing Colorbond fascia cover over existing timber fascia will prevent you from having to re-paint fascia, saving you money in the long run. This also significantly boosts the appearance of your home. When combined with guttering being replaced this will also prevent your timber fascias from any further weather damage.


Extend the lifetime of your guttering with regular cleaning.

Not everyone has the time to get around to cleaning the gutters as regularly as they’d like. If the thought of spending a good chunk of your weekend getting your gutters cleaned up doesn’t appeal to you, know that you can give us a call at Viking Gutters & Roofing.

Whether it's deciduous trees around your home that drop their leaves every autumn, or the usual build up from local wildlife, we can get your gutters sorted. We're all about convenience, leave it to the professionals and never worry about cleaning your gutters again! 


Overflow prevention and maintenance

A common problem with guttering can be blocked down-pipe outlets, resulting in back-flow into the eaves/house causing damage. We can provide options on gutter guards, correct down-pipe sizing and upgrading capacity to safeguard your home in the event of a massive rain event.


Viking Gutters & Roofing are the team of specialist roofing plumbers equipped to handle all your guttering and roofing needs. Whether it’s your gutters, or anything else roofing related, we can get it done.


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