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Barge conversions

Dilapidated roofing can be a real eye-sore, especially when you’re dealing with an old home. If you’re searching for a water-tight solution to easily fix the look of your roof, you should consider investing in barge capping. Not only will this cheap and simple installment repair any potential damages being caused by water and leaking but it will also keep birds and pests out of areas that are beginning to fall away.

Used on all roofing types, installing barge capping offers high quality and durable results at a relatively low cost. Saving you money on upkeep and maintenance costs, this method is both practical and attractive. It’s main purpose is to eliminate any space between gable roof ends and the fascia which may have developed over time from customary wear and tear experienced from inclement weather. Essential for waterproofing the edges of a roof, these can also be installed on a brand new job to create an aesthetic and lasting finish.

The cost of a barge conversion varies depending on the condition and size of your existing roof. Looking to install a barge conversion or replace your entire roof? Viking Gutters & Roofing offers a range of roofing services including repair, replacements and conversions.

Change your traditional tile roof barge into a colorbond soaker capping.Check out this seamless barge conversion Viking Gutters & Roofing performed in Greenvale. A colorbond fascia cover was also installed in this project to prevent any further damage to the roof and home as well as to add additional curb appeal.

For more information on how Viking Gutters & Roofing can help breathe life into your old roof by adding barge capping or replacing it all together, contact us to receive a quote for the job. Located in Greensborough, we service the surrounding suburbs and are excited to work with you in developing the perfect roof for you.

If you’re a homeowner, or a tradie who works on homes, then there’s a good chance that you may have to deal with roofing issues sooner or later. Whether it’s related to corrosion and the breakdown of tiles, leaking areas or storm damage, it’s important to regularly check the condition of your roof and to carry out any repairs or transformations as necessary. One way to safeguard your home is by upgrading your traditional tile roof barge to include Colorbond Soaker Capping.

Basically, Colorbond Soaker Capping is a coated steel material that is made to deal with water leakage and similar issues. It works by creating a waterproofing junction between th

e barge board and the roof sheeting, resulting in an attractive, curved finish for the roof. Throughout Australia, Colorbond Soaker Capping is a popular choice because of the wide range of colours available and the versatility that it provides.

Homeowners can match their exterior colour scheme with a product that suits the existing design and doesn’t look out of place. Better yet, this product is affordable and lightweight, making for easy handling during installation. Once fitted, barge capping for tiled roofs requires minimal upkeep and maintenance, which is great news for anyone who wants to spend less time focusing on work and more time relaxing.

If you require assistance with barge capping for tiled roofs, then get in touch with the friendly team at Viking Gutters & Roofing. Our experienced professionals offer personalised quotes and always work to an exceptional standard. Contact us today to find out more.

We can also help with fascia cover installation.


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