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Box Gutter Replacements

The gutters on your roof play an important role that shouldn’t be overlooked. Primarily, they are there to catch and disperse all of the rainwater that lands on your roof in a safe and adequate way. But they also have a significant bearing on the aesthetics of your home.

Let’s start with the basics.

A box gutter is a specific type of gutter that is hidden behind a protective wall on a roof, concealing it from view. Usually, a box gutter will be ‘trapped’ between two roofs that direct rainwater into it and it will create drainage via downpipe nozzles or sumps and downpipes built into it. While these designs may look like a box in terms of shape, the real reason for their name comes from the fact that they are ‘boxed in’ on all sides.

Homeowners and tradies alike will need to replace box gutters for a variety of reasons.

  • Poorly installed box gutters that don’t allow for enough fall will not adequately drain and water will not flow as required to the downpipe. Over time, this can cause the gutter line to rust and breakdown.

  • Objects and debris that build up in the box gutters can trap and hold moisture against the gutter. This can lead to rust and damage to the structure.

  • The use of low quality materials can increase the chance of the box gutter breaking down prematurely.

Despite being a somewhat tricky process, an experienced team can replace box gutters quickly and with a minimum of fuss. It’s important to note that in some instances older box gutters will no longer be compliant and that a design and layout change will be required. The actual cost of box gutter replacement will depend on the team that you choose, the materials used and the process that they follow. As with any professional service, keep in mind that a low price won’t always equate to the best results.

Viking Gutters & Roofing offers a professional service to customers that are looking for exceptional results. Our experienced team can help with box gutter replacements at affordable prices and always deliver value for money. Look to us for friendly assistance with all of your jobs and know that our name is trusted by customers far and wide. Whether it’s for the installation of Colorbond fascia covers, skylight fitting, roof tile replacement or anything else, know that we are the people to call.

Contact us today to find out more about the cost of box gutter replacement and to arrange a personalised quote. We can also help with barge conversions and gutter restorations.


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