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We Replaced this Tiled Roof In Eltham – Check Out the Results!

Here's how we replaced this old tiled roof in Eltham with new Colorbond roofing! New insulation was also installed to make this home much more comfortable!

Eltham Project

Here is a recent project completed in Eltham. The roof was replaced, or as we like to call it a ‘tile to Colorbond conversion’ The house originally had concealed guttering which is a common setup in the Eltham area.

The original fascia’s were replaced by a separate company to allow for a standard eaves gutter setup using quad gutter. Concealed gutters are prone to overflowing inside the eaves/onto fascia, causing water damage.

Existing House

Location - Eltham

Roof Type - Gable

Roof Pitch -

Material - Concrete Tiles

Talking Points - Cathedral Ceiling, Concealed Gutter, Tiled Roof

Tiled roof replacement in Eltham - Before

The existing house is very typical of a house in Eltham. Tiled roofs are more common than metal roofs in this area. The house has 1/3 cathedral ceilings and 2/3 conventional ceiling.

A cathedral ceiling is where the ceiling line follows the roof pitch. This usually means that there is only 100-400mm of space available for insulation.

When insulation it is recommended to maintain an air gap, hence filling the space completely with insulation will not result in optimal performance. This house had concealed guttering which is also very common in Eltham homes built around this time. Concealed gutter has widely become a thing of the past due to issues with overflowing/water damage to fascia’s and eaves.

Scope of Works

  • Install new Colorbond slotted quad gutter.

  • Remove and dispose of existing roof tiles.

  • Install new Zincalume roof battens for new fixing points.

  • Install 60mm Anticon roof blanket.

  • Install new Colorbond corrugated roof sheets.

  • Install new Colorbond flashings.

  • Install new downpipes.

  • Install new Smoothline Roof Ventilators.

Selected Colours

Roof Colour - Jasper

Gutter Colour - Jasper

Downpipe Colour – Gully

Featured Products

Smoothline Corrugated Roof Ventilator, Sound Shield Ceiling Batts

The Process

Initial Contact – When can I get a free quote?

To start the job, we were contacted from a home owner in Eltham. After first contact we arranged a site meeting where we could measure up the roof, inspect the property for any hazards, identify any problems with access and give advice for any material types, products and services.

After taking all measurements we were able to email a quote to the home owner that evening. The home owner received the quote and was very happy with the initial contact, reliability and price, they chose to accept the quote and go ahead with the roof replacement.

Quote - Will our quote include everything?

Usually we can email a quote out within 48hrs. Our quotes include things like equipment hire, safety rails, tile bins, rubbish removal, selected materials and services. When you receive a quote from us there are no hidden extras. We have public liability of up to $10M and WorkCover for all employees. Unlike other companies we do not subcontract out our jobs to other roofing crews/tradies.

Schedule – When can you start the job?

We send out an invoice for a 10% deposit to secure a position and some forms may need to be signed. We schedule the job into our next available spot. As we are usually quite busy, that turned out to be about 8 weeks away for this job.

Leading up to the commencement date we were in constant communication. We discussed other options for insulation, roof vents, colours and more. This is a great time to finalize all the last-minute changes and add in other services or products that would be easier completed at the same time. For example, if you were going to install a skylight, this may be an ideal time.

Delivery - When will the materials arrive?

Roughly one week, prior to starting the job we arranged another site visit to measure up the roof and go over any last-minute changes. The material order was sent into our supplier, who is an authorized Colorbond distributer.

Once the order for the roof is received, our suppliers immediately get to work rolling the sheets, ridges and valleys that will create the roof. They give precise delivery times and update if there are any setbacks. We convey any updates with delivery times with the customer.

The materials are delicately loaded onto a transport vehicle and the staff celebrate the departure of the materials. The materials are delivered promptly onto the Eltham site and upon arrival are meticulously checked over for any defects and missing items.

Site Safety - Is the job completed safely?

Handrail is set up around the perimeter off the house to act as fall protection and to protect all staff from risk of falling. We don’t cut any corners with site safety and all our staff feel very comfortable doing their jobs.

Tile Removal - How are the tiles removed?

A tile bin arrives and is delivered close to the house so that we may dispose of the tiles by throwing the tiles into the bin (this is our way of having fun). In some situations, we may have to carry the tiles manually down ladders and be walked into the bins. This method takes more time and will reflect on the job price. Luckily for this one in Eltham we are all sorted to throw into the bin from the roof!

Tiled roof replacement in Eltham - During

Job Start

This roof replacement is ready to get started. Before we begin stripping the roof, our onsite weather analyst checks the local weather in Eltham and confirms that the conditions are suitable to remove the roof. (If conditions are unsuitable such as heavy rain we will postpone until the next day) A perfect day with no rain is in store and we are all clear to begin.

We start at the back of the house so we don’t have to carry the heavy tiles over the new Colorbond. We carry stacks of tiles over the roof and launch them into the tile bin. Once we have stripped away enough off the roof, we can start changing over the ceiling batts. The ceiling batts are removed and bagged up so they can be disposed of and are thrown into a skip bin on site.

Sound Shield Insulation - Eltham

We install the new Sound Shield ceiling batts in the cathedral ceiling space. These are designed to reduce noise by absorbing sound. They are super soft, reduces energy bills, sustainable and have fire protection.

Next, the new 40mm Zincalume battens as fixing points. These are installed at intervals recommended by the product manufactures and comply with regulations. The benefit of using Zincalume battens is that they do not rot out and Zincalume isn’t on the menu for termites! (that may be a problem around an area such as Eltham).

Tiled roof replacement in Eltham - During

After the new fixing points are in, we lay the roof blanket down. The roof blanket is backed with silver foil. This roof blanket provides energy efficiency, thermal resistance and noise reduction. Combined with the ceiling batts and the roof vents that we will install; this is a great combination to make the home very comfortable. The insulation we are using is Anticon 60 with a rating of R 1.3.

After the insulation is installed, we can start laying the roof sheets. One by one, the roof sheets are hand-picked and quality assurance tests are performed. The roof sheet is placed into its new home where it will remain for the next several decades. Another roof sheet is lapped over the previous, and so on.

Each individual roof sheet is checked to make sure that they are being laid straight and that they are lapping over correctly. Any hips and valleys that need to be cut are done so onsite, this house is a gable house so the sheets are very straight forward to lay and require no cutting.

Once the remaining roof sheets are laid, we install the ridge capping. The ridge capping covers the gap at the apex of the roof. For this job the customer has selected to use a Corrugated Smoothline Ventilator system.

This is a roof vent that allows the roof to breath. This product uses air flow currents to enter either ventilator and hotter stale air to evacuate opposite vents. We install these roof vents as per manufactures instructions. The way they are designed is to be installed in sets of two, (opposite sides of the ridge)

We install the barge flashings (these are for the sides of the roof). These flashings are installed with care and precision. We take our time and do not rush to get things finished (resulting in subpar work if rushing). All sheets and flashings are screwed down with approved fixings that will stand the test of time against the wind in Eltham. Fixings are at intervals compliant with regulations.

Any roof penetrations such as chimneys, roof vents, pipes, flues, air conditioners and skylights are re-flashed to make watertight. This roof has a chimney and two vent pipes. As we are nearing completion, the roof is blown down off all debris and checked over for any imperfections.

Once the main roof work is completed, the handrail is disassembled and off hired. For this job in Eltham, the home owner wanted to paint the fascia prior to us installing the new guttering. After the fascia has been prepared by the owner, we can install the guttering.

The guttering we have installed is called quad gutter which is a traditional profile. The gutter has overflow slots in the front so that if the downpipes were not able to collect the water fast enough, the water will spill out the slots rather than inside the eaves. Once the guttering is installed, we can hang the downpipes. The downpipe bends are made up onsite by our knowledgeable staff.

The tile bin is picked up and the content is responsibly disposed of. All old and left-over metals are scrapped and recycled. All other rubbish is cleaned up and taken away from site.

For this job we ended up getting three bins delivered, filled and picked up in the space of four days!

Job Completion

On completion we go through any problems and issues that we may have come across. We email out the compliance certificate along with any other information requested.

Some roof replacements may take us 2-3 days, while others may take 6-7 days. Our philosophy is to not rush anything and value overall quality over speed. We only remove sections of the roof that we can cover in that day, so we rarely require the use of tarps, but if required we have access to hire easily! This roof replacement was completed included the guttering, downpipes and site clean-up.


Viking Gutters and Roofing are great! I recommend them for any roofing assistance you may need.

David and his staff are awesome!!! ...my roof (and gutters!) look FANTASTIC, and my whole experience has been easy and pleasant. From quote to completion I found these guys professional, precise, timely, courteous, flexible, tidy, and maybe what I liked most, was they are proud of their skills and want their workmanship to be around for many years ... An absolute pleasure to deal with.


Thanks for reading, now you have a step by step account of the process we go through with our customers to transform their roofs. Stay up to date with our blog posts for more projects coming soon.

If you or someone you know are in Eltham and the surrounding areas and could be interested in having a similar project completed, get in touch with us today!


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