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Check Out This Tile to Metal Roof Conversion in Macleod!

We replaced this old tiled roof in Macleod with new Colorbond! Here’s our process!

A recent job completed, a 100m² tile to metal re-roof. 60mm blanket backed foil is used under the roof sheets to provide thermal resistance and nose reduction, making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. New battens are installed and all tiles are thrown into a skip. This roof replacement was completed over a few days. We replaced the roof tiles with colorbond roof sheets.

The guttering and downpipes were also replaced. There was also a pergola and a carport that was re-roofed. The carport and pergola had Polycarbonate sheets installed in some areas. While we were there the house was also being painted. By the end of this the house had completely transformed.

Tiled roof replacement in Macleod - Before

Existing House

Location – Macleod

Roof Type – Hip and Valley

Roof Pitch – 21°

Material – Concrete Tiles

Talking Points Skylight Replacement, Polycarbonate, Tiled Roof

This existing home in Macleod had a concrete tiled roof that had become porous. Once this happens the tiles are due for replacement. Surrounding houses in the Macleod area have predominately tiled roofs, although Colorbond is becoming more common. Let’s talk about the guttering- the guttering was standard quad gutter and very easy to work with. We don’t have to re-configure any fascia or change eaves etc. There was an acrylic skylight on this roof that we can replace with a new Velux Skylight. The roof also had a roof vent or ‘whirly bird’ that would be re-installed.

Scope of Works

  • Remove and dispose of existing roof tiles.

  • Install new 40mm Zincalume battens.

  • Install 60mm Anticon roof blanket.

  • Install new Colorbond corrugated roof sheets.

  • Install new Colorbond flashings.

  • Install new polycarbonate roof sheets.

  • Install new Velux double-glazed skylight.

Selected Colours

Roof Colour - Monument

Gutter Colour – Shale Grey

Downpipe Colour – Shale Grey

Featured Products

Velux Skylight FCM 2222, Polycarbonate Sheets, Whirly Bird Roof Vent

Tiled roof replacement in Macleod - Before

The Process

Initial Contact – When can I get a free quote?

We were contacted by the home owners and a request for a quote was established. The same day we were called we made a site visit and measured up the roof, we were able to send the quote via email that night. It was a very standard hip and valley roof so the quoting process would go very smoothly.

Quote - Will our quote include everything?

Once the measurements were gathered, we could price up the job. Our prices can be worked out in several different ways and always result in being within the range off our competitors quotes. Our quotes will include all products and services required from us from start to finish and includes all our rubbish removed and all required safety equipment.

Schedule – When can you start the job?

Most of the time it takes about 4-8 weeks to schedule the job in. Multiple factors play a part in this. This is usually a perfect time to wait anyway so we van work out any kinks and finalize colors and products. We usually ask for a deposit to secure your position in the upcoming weeks.

Delivery - When will the materials arrive?

Materials will be delivered on the day we begin or in some cases the day prior. Sometimes if the job is starting on Monday, we will coordinate the delivery to be the Friday prior to starting.

This means that we can start straight away. This isn’t always the case, maybe there is not enough storage space on the property and we have to store the materials in certain areas. We will be in communication with you along the way and let you know when you can expect us.

Site Safety - Is the completed safely?

Where we can fall 2m or more; safety rails or another means of fall protection is required. For this one in Macleod we had the safety rails set up on the Friday before starting on Monday so we had all our safety requirements checked off before starting. Coordinating this close to the start date also means that the equipment isn’t left hanging around for days/weeks before and after the job.

Tile Removal - How are the tiles removed?

A tile bin arrives and is delivered close to the house so that we may dispose of the tiles by throwing the tiles into the bin (this is our way of having fun). We, together with the carpenters onsite, could strip this roof fairly quickly. But whatever we removed we had to cover that day so there would be no water damage in the event of rain.

Job Start

To start this on we check and make sure that the weather is suitable to remove the roof in. If it is forecast for rain we will have to reschedule and push the job back a day or two until the weather is suitable.

Once we are green lit, we begin striping the tiles. These tiles are very small and do not weigh a lot so we can each carry stacks of 10 tiles at a time and throw them into the skip bin. We start at the rear of the house that way we will not be carrying stacks of tiles over the new areas of the roof. When carrying the tiles there is a lot of dirt and small tile pieces that break of and can cause scratches and dints to the new sheets.

Tiled roof replacement in Macleod - During

On a hip and valley type roof we will do one hip at a time. We will strip that section, install the new battens, lay the new blanket and then the sheets.

We need to install new battens because the tile battens are not suitable for metal roof. We use 40mm Zincalume battens for most jobs. The advantages are that they will not rot out and they are also easier to install. We will install these battens every 900mm for top and end spans and up to 1200mm for internal spans.

The existing tile battens remain under the roof and retain some strength to the roof frame.

Tiled roof replacement in Macleod - During

We then lay down our 60mm Anticon roof blanket. This is great for sound absorbance and thermal resistance. This roof already has ceiling batts that have been renewed recently and there is a whirly bird roof vent. With these three products coming into play it will make the home much more comfortable.

The roof vent will extract the trapped air and allow the ceiling space to ventilate. The Anticon is short for anti-condensation. The roof blanket stops condensation from formation the underside of the sheet and dripping into the ceiling space so this is a highly recommended product for metal roof.

After the blanket is down, we start laying the sheets. The sheets will be cut up the hips and each off-cut sheets will be spun around and positioned into another location- much like a jigsaw puzzle. Each set of sheets cut will have an opposite set on the adjacent side of the roof.

Tiled roof replacement in Macleod - During

These cuts on the angle are what we call a ‘rake’. The rake cuts are done on site by hand with tin snips or battery powered shears. It’s important the we lay the sheets straight so after each sheet laid, we will check and make tiny movements either stretching out the sheet or shrinking the sheet back in.

After all sheets are laid, we will install the rolltop ridging. The ridging can be an artform of itself. Where the ridge meets at three or more places, we will cut the joins in neatly and will make watertight.

For this roof we are replacing the skylight using a Velux FCM 2222. This is a popular model and can be used on a flat or pitched roof. These are double-glazed glass and are hail resistant. We find on many of these older roofs that the sizes available work to replace the existing skylight units.

We replaced the pergola sheets on this job also. The customers decided to go with a grey polycarbonate tint. This will filter the UV rays and also will not get as hot as clear polycarbonate roof sheets. The pergola was also completely re-flashed and guttering replaced.

In addition, the carport roof was replaced. This carport was 5 ° which is the minimum pitch for corrugated sheets. Any lower and water may enter through the laps in a heavy downpour.

We changed over the guttering to Shale Grey slotted quad gutter. The slots make sure that any water cannot overflow into the house. We upgraded all the downpipes to 100mm x 75mm to increase the capacity.

Once we had completed the roof the handrail was off hired and removed from site. All the bins were taken away and all rubbish removed.

Job Completion

On completion we go through any problems and issues that we may have come across. We email out the compliance certificate along with any other information requested. Some roof replacements may take us 2-3 days, while others may take 6-7 days. Our philosophy is to not rush anything and value overall quality over speed. We only remove sections of the roof that we can cover in that day, so we rarely require the use of tarps, but if required we have access to hire easily! This roof replacement in Macleod was completed over 5 days which included the site clean-up.

Tiled roof replacement in Macleod - After


"Dave and his team did a great job with our total roof replacement. Highly recommend them."

Tiled roof replacement in Macleod - After


Thanks for reading, now you have a step by step account of the process we go through with our customers to transform their roofs. Stay up to date with our blog posts for more projects coming soon.

If you or someone you know could be interested in having a similar project completed in Macleod, get in touch with us today!


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