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See How We Replaced This Flat Roof in Park Orchards!

This home built in the 70’s in Park Orchards has a rusted roof causing roof leaks. Here are the details for how we replaced this roof.

This house has some character. There are several sections off roofs. We are going to be replacing the roofs in sections. We have just replaced the first part of the roof. The existing roof is made from galvanized steel and in a profile called longline. This was a very popular profile in the 70’s, however its popularity has declined. Here’s why.

Flat roof replacement in Park Orchards - Before

Existing House

Location – Park Orchards

Roof Type – Flat

Roof Pitch –

Material – Galvanized Steel

Talking Points Skylight Replacement, Flat Roof

This existing home in Park Orchards has had problems with the roof. The material is Galvanized steel and after being up there for 40+ years there are several rusted out areas that are beyond repair.

There are also several roof dints from foot traffic and possibly fallen tree branches. Park Orchards as you might know has many trees in the area. There are many different types of trees including pine trees and gum trees which have been known to cause blockages in box gutters and downpipes.

They will also drop their leaves onto metal roofs where if left unchecked, will build up and create damp areas underneath the leaf matter, rusting out the roof sheets. The longline roof sheets are 305mm wide as opposed to the 700mm wide Suerdeck sheets we will be using to replace. This means that it will save labor costs as the newer sheets are twice as fast to install! The way the clips are fixed down also makes the installation faster and as they say time is money.

The box gutters on this house are fabricated from copper. This material is well known as being expensive and for good reason, the box gutters here are in good condition and do not need to be replaced.

Flat roof replacement in Park Orchards - Before

Scope of Works

  • Remove and dispose of existing roof sheets.

  • Install 60mm Anticon roof blanket.

  • Install new Colorbond Suredeck roof sheets.

  • Install new Colorbond flashings.

  • Install new Velux double-glazed skylight.

Selected Colours

Roof Colour - Jasper

Featured Products

Velux Skylight FCM 2222

The Process

Initial Contact – When can I get a free quote?

We were contacted by the home owner and asked to give a report about the roof. We arranged a time when we could come past and inspect the roof. Things we were looking for included how severe the corrosion was, what condition the flashings were in, the condition of the box gutters, how the skylights had been flashed- basically if it was economical to try to repair the roof, or to replace the roof completely. We were able to send out this quote quite promptly.

Quote - Will our quote include everything?

After giving options for repairing the roof and/or replacing the roof, the home owners decided to go down the route of replacing their roof. The quote included things like replacing the roof and removing all rubbish from site.

We supplied an option to change over the existing acrylic skylights to new Velux skylights. There were no hidden fees, tricks or gimmicks.

Schedule – When can you start the job?

Depending on the time off year and how busy we are it will usually be 4-8 weeks for a flat roof replacement. For this job there was a lot to discuss so we wanted to push the date back enough to make sure we could have everything planned properly. Most roofs we replace have been up there for 40+ years so what is another couple of weeks!

For this job we decide to replace the roof in two stages, where we will be replacing the remainder of the roof early next year.

We usually ask for a deposit to secure your position in the upcoming weeks.

Delivery - When will the materials arrive?

To allow enough time for the roofing material to be delivered to the Park Orchards site, we place orders approximately 5 days prior to starting the job. We are onsite when the delivery arrives to coordinate the drop off and assist the delivery driver.

We go through a checklist to ensure that all materials that have been ordered are delivered. We keep the customers up to date with the delivery times and the logistics so they may plan around us.

Site Safety - Is the job completed safely?

Some jobs will require the use of a safety harness in conjunction with safety rails and safe work practices to achieve adequate site safety. Fall protection is required where the height exceeds 2m.

For this job the roof was lower to the ground than usual and did not exceed the 2m. We were able to use fall arrest systems like a safety harness without the use of temporary handrail/scaffolding.

Sheet Metal Removal - How are the roof sheets removed?

We strip the metal from the existing roof and load into our trailers where we will take to a scrap metal recycling yard. This ensures the scrap metal is recycled appropriately.

Job Start

After we are set up, we can begin the first stage. We will start by pulling up the old roof sheets. As mentioned above, these sheets are only 305mm wide and are fixed down with clips that are hidden under the roof sheets. The clips are fastened in with twisted nails that are not designed to come out!

These clips have to take a bit of a beating to come out and there are clips every meter or there about. After finally getting all the clips out we can pull the sheet up. That’s easy enough to do once the clips are removed. That can take about 5 minutes and that’s just for one sheet! We now have to repeat the grueling process of removing sheet by sheet 305mm by 305mm.

For this job we stacked the removed sheets in a designated drop zone ready for pickup. Once we had removed all the sheets, we were able to inspect the roof battens properly. In some cases, it is hard to gain access into the roof space to inspect the roof battens. We make plans to replace the battens if required and each job varies depending on your budget and the integrity of the roof. The roof battens here were in okay condition and did not require new battens.

For most jobs we install a roof blanket under the roof sheets. This is a great way to insulated your roof space. So for here we roll out our blanket and get ready to lay the roof.

The roof profile is designed for flat roofs and can be installed at 1° minimum. The fixings are concealed, meaning that when the roof is finished you don’t see any screws exposed. This is done by screwing a specially designed clip that suits the roof profile into the batten (over the top of the roof blanket in this case)

Flat roof replacement in Park Orchards - During

Once the clips are all lined up and straight, we can lay down a roof sheet and check for any adjustments. It is recommended to run the roof sheets 50mm into the box gutter, depending on the width of the box gutter we would usually go with a 100mm lap. The sheets also need to be weathered each end to prevent water running along the underside at the bottom of the sheets and any water and debris being blown up from the top of the sheet.

From there on, each sheet is weathered and installed. We check the sheets and ensure we are running the sheets straight. Some off these old buildings can be out of square and we may need to find happy mediums where we are happy with the functionality and the aesthetics of the roof. This house isn’t too bad out off shape!

After the roof is laid, we measure the flashings to suit the roof profile, this can also be done prior to starting the job but there is a degree of guesswork involved. The flashing turns around is sometimes only 12hrs so we are happy to lay the roof first and then measure our flashings to suit.

Flat roof replacement in Park Orchards - Before

This roof has an old acrylic skylight that we are replacing. We are using a Velux FCM 2222 665mm x 665mm. We find this is a very versatile product. Designed for flat roofs but able to be used on pitch roof also, the size is very common and the quality vs. price is outstanding. Here we are back flashing up under the apron. What was originally installed is a soaker, which is now avoided where possible. Especially on a flat roof where there are many trees around such as Park Orchards, as the tree matter can sit in the soaker and rust out/cause blockages.

Featured Product - Velux FCM 2222

Job Completion

On completion we go through any problems and issues that we may have come across. We email out the compliance certificate along with any other information requested.

Some roof replacements may take us 2-3 days, while others may take 6-7 days. Our philosophy is to not rush anything and value overall quality over speed. We only remove sections of the roof that we can cover in that day, so we rarely require the use of tarps, but if required we have access to hire easily! This roof replacement was completed over 4 days which included the site clean-up.

Flat roof replacement in Park Orchards - After


Stage II of this roof replacement is taking place early next year in Park Orchards! Stay tuned for more details.


Thanks for reading, now you have a step by step account of the process we go through with our customers to transform their roofs. Stay up to date with our blog posts for more projects coming soon.

If you or someone you know could be interested in having a similar project in Park Orchards completed, get in touch with us today!


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