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Roof replacement in Kangaroo Ground - Af


Meeting All of Your Needs

Whether you’re looking to open and install a new skylight in your home, or you’re looking to replace an existing skylight with one from our range, we can get it done quickly, reliably and to a brilliant standard. We’ve installed a wide range of fixed roof skylights, opening skylights, roof windows, blinds and other accessories in homes all over Melbourne’s north-east.

Download the Velux brochure here to view products available.

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If you’ve found that you’re current fit-out is causing problems, leaking or just showing its age a bit, get in contact with us at Viking Gutters and Roofing today.


You don’t need an existing skylight for us to work from, at Viking Gutters & Roofing we can generate skylight, roof window and sun tunnel options of all kinds to help you light up your home. We can handle the whole process from start to finish.



At Viking Gutters & Roofing, we’re driven by the customer experience and what we make possible for each of our customers. Attention to detail and our assurance of quality are hallmarks of a Viking Gutters & Roofing skylight installation or replacement.

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